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“A holistic personalized service to engage athletes in proactive preparation for life After the Game by providing them with the necessary tools and resources for a successful transition.”

What is After the Game?  
At One Sports we take a long-term approach to managing our client’s wealth. In doing so, we provide outstanding service and advice, while also giving them the tools they need to be successful. The reality of professional sports is that at some point your career will end – it’s inevitable.

At some point you’ll be asking “What’s next?”

Some may choose to retire, others don’t have the choice. Whatever the circumstances of your retirement, at some point you’ll be asking “What’s next?” An athlete’s primary focus should be on maximizing his or her playing career; however, it’s also critical to prepare for the future. The earlier in your career you start thinking about life After the Game, the smoother the transition will be. Being prepared gives you confidence and sense of purpose for your future. It’s important to remember that the transition from athlete to After the Game is a process, and it’s something that will take time and effort.

We have painstakingly put together a program that we believe will provide you with the best chance of enjoying a successful transition.

After the Game is specifically tailored to each client and is designed to provide you with resources and information about your transition. Our goal is to help players make the smoothest and most successful transition possible.

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